Communication strategy

Founded in 2010, Ça com’mence aujourd’hui is an agency that puts its experience in internet and paper-based communication at the service of SMEs, ETIs and major accounts in Douai, the Douais region and surrounding areas.

Are you building your business but don’t know how to get the message across? Don’t know how to develop your employer brand? Would you like to develop a project with its own strategy? Not sure which digital strategy to choose for your website? We have the right solution for you!

What is a communication strategy ?

A communication strategy is a key element for any company or association wishing to achieve its communication objectives. It’s a detailed action plan that defines the actions to be taken to convey a message effectively to a specific target. This includes the use of different communication channels, such as social networks, websites, online advertising, public relations, events…

It’s important to take the time to develop a solid communications strategy to maximize the impact of your message and achieve your objectives effectively, whether in sales or recruitment.

How to develop a communication strategy ?

To develop an effective communications strategy, whether digital or print, it’s important to clearly define your communication objectives and target audience. Next, it’s essential to research the most appropriate communication channels to reach that target. You also need to plan in advance the actions to be taken to achieve these objectives in a communications plan, and evaluate them regularly to ensure they are effective. Adapting and adjusting according to the results obtained is essential!

To implement your strategy, our team works with you to deliver the messages you want to convey, using the right channel, the right method and the right timing. Our communications agency in Douai is committed to analyzing the sector and markets you’re targeting, to ensure a unique identity that reflects you, stands out from your competitors and stands out in your industry.

Why should you have a communication strategy ?

A strategy enables you to create the different messages and plan your communication. Faced with an increasingly competitive environment, companies need to make an impact by differentiating themselves in order to win over new prospects, build customer loyalty or recruit candidates. However, it’s important not to spread yourself too thin: Ça com’mence aujourd’hui can help you develop your business!

What communications strategy should I choose for my company?

The communications strategy you decide to implement will depend on your company’s objectives and your target audience. It’s important to carry out a market analysis and competitive intelligence to understand your audience’s consumption habits and preferences, and how your competitors respond to them. This information will enable you to select the most appropriate communication channels. What’s more, it’s a good idea to combine different types of communication with a single message to achieve your objectives, such as social networks, online advertising, public relations, events…